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Discarded skin and dropping can cause severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks. The German Cockroach is also known for biting humans and attacking open wounds.
Roaches contaminate food sources, gnaw on curtains, walls and furniture causing hundreds of dollars in property damage.

Common Types of Cockroaches

American Cockroach

ALSO KNOWN AS: Flying Water Bug or Palmetto Bug
American cockroaches thrive in warm, moist areas ranging between 70 to 80 degrees farenheit. In homes you may find them in your kitchen or inside your pantry snacking on sugar. In businesses, American cockroaches are often found lurking in boiler rooms, steam tunnels and basements. The American cockroach is more aggressive than other common species of cockroaches. American cockroaches are extremely good flyers, large in size and will openly gather together in the middle of your kitchen floor during daylight hours.

Traits of an American Cockroach

  • Length: 1/2 - 2 inches
  • Wings: Reddish-brown
  • Markings: Light markings on thorax
  • Commonly seen during the day-time

Brown-Banded Cockroach

Brown-Banded Cockroaches are usually found inside furniture where it is dry, warm, and high off the ground. This small cockroach can make its home practically anywhere in your home or office. They are commonly found in living rooms, pantries, bathrooms, bedrooms and in office furniture late at night, as they are nocturnal creatures.

Traits of a Brown-Banded Cockroach

  • Length: 5/8-inch
  • Color: Reddish-brown
  • Markings: Two brownish-yellow bands on wings
  • Commonly seen during the night-time
  • Can fly

German Cockroach

ALSO KNOWN AS: Croton bug, steam fly or steam bug
German Cockroaches are common in homes, offices and restaurants. Due to their small size, the German cockroach has been transported all over the world in products and packages. While the German cockroach is unable to fly, it can reproduce rapidly, meaning a fast, widespread infestation in your home or business. Known for its desire to survive, the German cockroach can thrive in temperature controlled buildings and cold harsh climates such as the Canadian High Arctic. When foods they prefer such as sugar, grease and meat are scarce, they will eat household items such as soap, glue and toothpaste. In extreme cases they will even go so far as to bite off the wings and legs of their fellow cockroaches or attach open wounds, sores and eyebrows of humans.

Traits of a German Cockroach

  • Length: ½ inch
  • Color: Pale yellow-brown or brown to almost black
  • Markings: Two dark streaks starting from the head ending at the base of its wings
  • Nocturnal
  • Can glide from high places to low ones

Oriental Cockroach

ALSO KNOWN AS: Water bug, shade roach, or black beetle
Oriental Cockroach infestations are usually found wherever there is water. They prefer cool areas, forcing them indoors during summer. Areas Oriental cockroaches are most likely to infest first are basements, service ducts, bathtubs, sinks, pipes and radiators.

Traits of an Oriental cockroach

  • Length: As long as one-inch in length
  • Color: shiny, blackish-brown
  • Does not fly

Smokeybrown Cockroach

Smokeybrown cockroaches prefer lush areas such as greenhouses, nurseries and gardens. However, if their numbers grow large enough they infest homes, starting in your attic. Attics are perfect breeding grounds for smokeybrown cockroach, they are damp, dark and poorly ventilated, allowing your smokeybrown cockroach to breed and grow in numbers for months before you become aware.

Traits of a Smokeybrown Cockroach

  • Length: At most 1.5 inches
  • Color: Deep brown
  • Markings: White antennal tips
  • Can fly
  • Attracted to light





  • 长度:1/2 - 2英寸
  • 翅膀:红棕色
  • 标记:浅色标记胸部上
  • 白天常见


棕色帶蟑螂通常被发现在家具里面那里地方干燥,温暖,以及高离地。这小蟑螂可以以您的家或办公室的任何地方作自己的家园。它们是常见于深夜, 在客厅,茶水间,卫生间,卧室和办公室家具,因为它们是夜行性生物。


  • 长度:5/8英寸
  • 颜色:红棕色
  • 标记:两条棕黄色带在翅膀
  • 夜间常见
  • 可以飞行


德国姬蠊是常见于家庭,办公室和餐厅。由于其体积小,德国姬蠊跟产品和包装一起被运送到世界各地。尽管德国姬蠊不能飞行,它可以迅速繁殖,这意味着一个快速,广泛的侵扰您的家庭或企业。已知其求生欲望,德国姬蠊可以在温度控制的建筑物和寒冷恶劣的气候条件下,如加拿大北极高地成长。当它们更喜欢如糖,油脂和稀少的肉类食物,它们会吃生活用品,如肥皂,胶水和牙膏。在极端的情况下, 它们甚至会咬掉自己同胞的翅膀和腿或附在人类的开放性伤口,溃疡和眉毛。


  • 长度:1/2英寸
  • 颜色:浅黄棕色,或棕色到几乎黑色
  • 标记:两条暗条纹开始从它的头部在翅膀的底部结束
  • 夜间活动
  • 可以从高处滑翔到低处


又名:水蠊, 隐蔽蟑螂, 或黑色甲虫


  • 长度:长达一英寸长
  • 颜色:有光泽,呈黑棕色
  • 不能飞行




  • 长度:最多1.5英寸
  • 颜色:深啡色
  • 标记:白色触角尖
  • 可以飞行
  • 被光所吸引